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A community for those who have experienced anomalous phenomena.

The Experiencer Group is a unique and private pay-what-you-wish member site dedicated to support, curiosity and community for those who’ve lived through anomalous events of any and all kinds.

Have you seen a non-human entity, a UFO or maybe a ghost? Have you had out-of-body or near-death experiences? Do you believe you've ever had precognitive or highly intuitive visions, or sense things that other people seemingly can't?
We're open to thoughtful people who've encountered all of these and other forms of what is sometimes called "high strangeness". 

The Experiencer Group was created to provide an ideal place for people to find one another, learn, strengthen and socialize. It’s also carefully vetted and curated to eliminate the negativity and stigma that often characterizes other forums and platforms dealing with anomalous experience.

"When i found The Experiencer Group I finally felt understood about what I have been going through my whole life. It was like a sigh of relief. I was losing a lot of sleep, scared about what was happening to me, and also not being able to talk about it with friends and family. I am now no longer ashamed or afraid about what I continue to experience. I'm sleeping better and have made many friends. I feel like I've finally made it home."

-J.J., member since November 2021

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Book Club |
The Messengers by Mike Clelland

April 23, 2022

Dream Study |
Online Zoom Discussion
Hosted by Robin Lassiter & Inge Dean