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One-on-One Coaching

You can now connect with The Experiencer Group staff for sessions via their own private practices.

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Meet Jay & Robin

Jay Christopher King is a community manager, researcher, artist and life coach, who co-founded The Experiencer Group with Stuart Davis and Kirsten Blackburn in 2021. After showing art through graduate school, he began working in television as a writer/producer, primarily for the Discovery Channel and its properties. During the pandemic, Jay became heavily involved in hosting a network of confidential support groups for fellow experiencers of anomalous phenomena. He realized experiencers needed to have a private community to share, learn, and grow. That led to the creation of The Experiencer Group, where King now serves as Director.

The Experiencer Group is now in its third year, with many online and in-person events including book clubs, support meetings, AMAs with guests, topical meetups and a custom-built private social media site just for fellow experiencers. Jay also engages in one-on-one consulting and coaching work, so that experiencers and those interested in the anomalous can thrive in day-to-day life while processing and integrating their more personal experiences.

In 2022, he began organizing conference events in New York City with James Iandoli under the name Inquire Anomalous. Jay’s solo and collaborative artwork has been shown at venues including the Museo de Arte Reina Sofia (Madrid), James Cohan Gallery (NYC), and MoMA PS1 (NYC). He holds a Fine Art BFA from SVA, and an MFA in Film from Bard College.

Robin Lassiter is certified by the Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute of Colorado as a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and Hypnotist.  She holds certifications to guide Past Life and Between Life Regressions from Dr. Linda Backman at RavenHeart Center, in the lineage of the Michael Newton Institute.  Robin has also been initiated into Sarah Durham Wilson's Maiden to Mother lineage, offering women a pathway to mature feminine leadership.  Robin is a lifelong spiritual seeker and practitioner.  Her highest devotion is her life in service to all beings, including our precious planet.  


Robin offers one on one transpersonal coaching sessions, guided journeying, past life and between life regressions, and tarot sessions.  She believes that when we begin to take our sacred interior worlds seriously, we rediscover a rich ecosystem that is our birthright.  When we venture into that ecosystem we are able to gather in the gifts from our own abandoned dark and bright shadows, and reconnect with a magical and meaningful landscape.  This journey brings us into our true selves, and we are able to become warriors of fierce, radical, unconditional love.  Robin strongly believes you hold all of the tools and resources for your own development and evolution.  Her job is to hold space for your experience in a supportive container, and help to process the information that is discovered together.  She looks forward to holding that space for you in full love and compassion as you do this profound work. 

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